Respite Care Program

Respite care is short-term inpatient care provided to the individual when necessary to relieve the family members or other persons caring for the individual at home. Respite care may not be reimbursed for more than five (5) consecutive days at a time, including the date of admission but not including the date of discharge.

Inpatient respite can only be provided in the following facilities:

  • A Medicare-certified inpatient hospice facility
  • A contracted Medicare-certified hospital or a skilled nursing facility that has the capability to provide 24-hour nursing (RN) as required by the patient’s Plan of Care

Since Respite care is for short term caregiver relief, there needs to be a caregiver involved in the patient’s care. It is at Pacific Coast Hospice’s discretion to determine the merit of the caregiver’s need. Some examples for provision of respite care may include:

  • The caregiver is physically and emotionally exhausted from caring 24/7 for the patient and requires a break.
  • The caregiver would like to attend a family event, such as a wedding, graduation, etc.
  • The caregiver is ill and needs a break from patient care to recover.

Respite care may not be provided in the following circumstances:

  • There is no identified caregiver
  • Patient resides in a nursing facility or a facility that provides 24/7 care
  • There is no clear reason for caregiver relief

Pacific Coast Hospice contracts with Medicare-certified inpatient hospice facilities and Skilled Nursing Facilities throughout the Valley. As part of our vetting process, we ensure the following:

  • A copy of the patient’s plan of care is furnished.
  • That the inpatient provider has established patient care policies consistent with those of Pacific Coast Hospice and agrees to abide by the palliative care protocols and plan of care established by the Hospice for our patients.
  • A clinical record is kept for each stay, including a record of all inpatient services furnished and events regarding care that occurred at the facility. This record must be made available at time of discharge.
  • A copy of the discharge summary is provided to Pacific Coast Hospice at the time of discharge.
  • That the facility has identified an individual within the facility who is responsible for the implementation of the provisions of the Respite stay.

If you are interested in utilizing Pacific Coast Hospice’s Respite Care Program, please speak with your Nurse Case Manager or Hospice Social Worker.