Mesa, Arizona — We’re excited to announce that Pacific Coast Hospice has passed our Federal Medicare Survey with no deficiencies! The CMS San Francisco Regional Office has accepted the State’s recommendation for approval and Pacific Coast Hospice is now Medicare Certified.

When an organization receives a deficiency-free survey you can expect high quality of care. It means that, during a hospice’s most recent inspection, surveyors found no deficiencies in patient care, services, or the environment of care.

Inspections like this are conducted by the Arizona Department of Health Services in accordance with strict guidelines set by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. These surveys evaluate areas including policies and procedures, patient care, quality of care, medication administration, medical records, sanitation, staff competencies, equipment, safety, and the overall wellness of the program. Surveyors arrive unannounced and, over period of several days, observe care and procedures and check records for compliance to regulations on care, confidentiality, cleanliness, patient rights, and quality of services. The survey process also includes interviews with patients, patients’ family members, and Hospice staff.

Receiving a deficiency-free is an impressive accomplishment for any healthcare organization. It demonstrates that all services provided at the agency meet or exceed state and federal standards. It is a distinguished rating that takes an entire team’s effort to achieve. We are incredibly proud of the staff at our agency.

We would like to thank our staff, and the staff at the Arizona Department of Health Services, for their time and efforts in approving our program!