Volunteers offer time and special skills in service of the hospice mission.

Volunteers are an integral part of the hospice team, filling roles that range from direct contact with patients to providing clerical and office support for the organization. Hospice volunteers describe their work as gratifying, intellectually stimulating, and emotionally meaningful.

Volunteers can provide support for patients

This can include visiting, reading, taking walks, writing letters, interpreting for those who do not speak English, bringing in music, and supervising therapeutic visits with pets. Volunteers can also offer complementary therapies such as aroma therapy.

Administrative positions also available

A volunteer with clerical skills can serve by helping in the office with administrative duties. Responsibilities range from preparing mailings or thank-you letters, organizing events, preparing documents, and making telephone calls.

Hospice Volunteer Training Class

Before you can begin working as a Pacific Coast Hospice volunteer, you’ll need to complete formal training. This training will include:

  • A briefing on the Pacific Coast Hospice philosophy and mission
  • A comprehensive overview of the services Pacific Coast Hospice provides
  • Methods to effectively communicate with patients and caregivers
  • A class on confidential patient health and information privacy
  • Ways to assist patients and their families with loss and grief
  • The best practices for providing support to patients and their loved ones
  • A briefing on the emotional, mental, and spiritual issues that arise at the end of a patient’s life
  • Maintaining appropriate boundaries between volunteers, patients, and families

During the training, you’ll be able to ask any questions you have about working as a hospice volunteer. Volunteer candidates must also successfully pass an in-person interview, criminal background check, and satisfactory driving history (if travel is necessary).

If you’re interested in being a volunteer at Pacific Coast Hospice contact us today. We’ll be happy to discuss current openings you might interested in taking on, and we’ll give you an overview of the training you will need.

What Does The Volunteer Program Look Like?

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